Was hat Eibisch mit Marshmallow und Husten zu tun?


The official name of the true marshmallow is “althaea officinalis” and althaea comes from the Greek and means “to heal”. The English name for the marshmallow plant is “Marsh Mallow” and yes, in the past these sweet treats were actually made from the marshmallow root and used as a cough remedy. However, the “invention” of marshmallows originally came from France, who used this gelatinous mass in the kitchen.

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The marshmallow is a mallow family and therefore has beautiful flowers that bloom from July to September. However, the leaves and especially the roots, which have a lot of mucilage, are used for herbal medicine. These mucous substances adhere to the mucous membranes and form a protective layer that soothes the mucous membranes and also inhibits inflammation. They are therefore often used for coughs, sore throats, stomach irritations, digestive problems, etc.


When taken as a tea, the root is best soaked in cold/lukewarm water overnight, as the mucilage is sensitive to heat. But you can also use the leaves, which have a little less mucilage. The next morning, heat the brew slightly and drink it filtered in small sips. You can also buy marshmallow syrup.

Application in my practice

In my Ayurvedic practice I use the marshmallow to make spelled marshmallow pouches. This is used externally to soften structures and also to release blockages in the Marma-Nadi system. I also successfully used the spelled marshmallow bag on myself when I had insane nerve pain in my arm after my frozen shoulder operation, which didn't improve. After just 3 uses of the bag the pain was gone. The marshmallow helped me to inhibit my nerve inflammation.

The real marshmallow is not only a beautiful plant with even more beautiful flowers, but also a medicinal plant with a wide range of uses. Another miracle of nature that we can use for ourselves! THANKS TO MOTHER EARTH!

Rebekah Heckendorn (Ayurveda doctor)

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