Kunkumadi - Ayurvedisches Gesichtsöl

Do you already know the valuable Ayurvedic facial oil with saffron, “Kunkumadi”?

It's not just a wonderfully nourishing facial care oil. It is also skin soothing and cleansing. It makes your complexion shine and nourishes the skin.
It is based on coconut milk with saffron, valuable resins, red sandalwood, frankincense, ghee and other herbs.
A real anti-aging treasure from Ayurveda from Midgard-Kalari!

During a facial massage, I always briefly hold my oiled hands over my face without touching it. The calming scents of saffron can be absorbed through the nose and have an effect on the limbic system.

Marshmallow, licorice & chyavanprash

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Chyavanprash 450g
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