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Nasal rinsing pot (Jala Neti)

Jala Neti application has long been known for its beneficial effect on the mucous membranes and respiratory tract. The ancient Vedic writings describe Ayurvedic Jala Neti applications as daily rinsing of the nasal area with water and salt using a nasal rinsing pot. These rinses clean the nasal mucosa and are perceived by users as pleasant and strengthening.
They are very easy to perform and can contribute to a harmonious balance in the nasal area. They are particularly valuable as prevention.

This is how the traditional Ayurvedic Jala Neti application works:
Only use iodine-free salt without additives, preferably Himalayan crystal salt or sea salt. Fill the nasal rinsing pot with a mixture of 1% salt with lukewarm water (2.5 g salt to 1/4 liter water). Then insert the beak of the jug lightly into one nostril. Tilt your head slightly forward and to the side and then lift the jug so that the salt water can run into the nostril and automatically flow out through the lower nostril. Breathe gently through your open mouth. Then snort through both nostrils - this may release further secretion. Repeat with the other nostril.

A notice: 

The daily, traditional Ayurvedic Jala Neti application is optimal support for your well-being and health. However, if you have health problems in the nasal area, we recommend consulting a doctor or alternative practitioner.

This "classic" ceramic nasal rinsing pot has a bulbous shape. It is larger than the small nasal rinsing pot and holds more content.
Color white. Capacity: approx. 200 ml. Diameter of the nozzle tip: approx. 12 mm.

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