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Kaash bowl with a rough surface

The energizing Kaash Fit-Vital bowl has a roughened underside. They are small nubs that cause unevenness in the surface structure. A massage with this rough surface stimulates the nerve endings, so that a slight tingling sensation can be felt on the soles of the feet. For some people this feels like an ignition of the energy pathways and is perceived as stimulating and energizing. Others simply find the massage pleasant and mood-enhancing.

The wonderful effect of the Kansu foot massage

The health benefits of this metal mixture are passed on through massage and contact with the skin. The Ayurvedic texts repeatedly emphasize the positive effect on vision and a beneficial relaxation of the eye muscles in connection with Triphala Ghee. The skin on the soles of the feet remains supple. Cracks and congestion in the bloodstream that can arise from a Vata-Pitta imbalance should be prevented. The circulation is stimulated and feelings of numbness are counteracted. In hot summer temperatures, the slightly cooling (Pitta-balancing) and relaxing effect on the eyes is immediately noticeable. In winter, a foot massage is extremely beneficial and helps against cold feet. The copper contained in the Kaash supports the cleansing effect of the massage technique and the Triphala Ghee. It is recommended to use Kaash bowl ghee or Triphala ghee.

Diameter: 7.5cm

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