Ayurlixir 6 Ashvagandha Aristha 500ml

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Ayurlixir 6 Ashvagandha Aristha

Ashvagandha, the winter cherry, is one of the most important rasayanas in Ayurveda. As a tonic with Kapha-increasing qualities, it is suitable for harmonizing vata-related imbalances. An increased Vata can be seen, for example, in restlessness, stress or sleep problems. It can also be drunk regularly to prevent a Vata imbalance. For example, in the Vata season (autumn and winter) or in the Vata phase of life (old age) and in activities that increase Vata, such as stress, traveling or mental activities (computer work).

It is an Ayurvedic herbal drink with alcohol, made using a traditional self-fermentation process.

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