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Eating to promote harmony

Ayurveda, the “knowledge of a long and healthy life”, developed thousands of years ago in Indian civilization. With the cookbook “Enjoyable throughout the year – Agatha’s Ayurvedic delicacies” you can bring this universal knowledge about the balance between body and soul directly into your kitchen.
Are you already enthusiastic about Ayurvedic cuisine? Then you will find welcome new recipes and inspiration here. And if you want to have your first experience with it, you will quickly learn to love this tradition of cooking and eating.
The delicious vegetarian dishes are based on regional, fresh, natural ingredients and have been newly composed according to Ayurvedic principles. Agatha takes you by the hand and guides you step by step to prepare a harmonious, healthy meal.
All recipes are adapted to the European palate. They are easy to prepare and can be modified individually. Because Ayurvedic cooking should be easy and bring joy to you and your guests.
A sensual and culinary journey
The recipes in this book combine profound knowledge of Ayurvedic nutrition with a wealth of practical experience. The result is delicious food that gives you more energy and health and takes you on a sensual and culinary journey.
Not to forget: The more than 50 creations you will find here promote the harmony of life. The author is convinced that anyone who cooks and eats Ayurvedic approaches the harmony of their inner nature with the outside world.

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