Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis

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The secrets of an ancient science

In this unique work, the world-famous Ayurvedic doctor Dr. Vasant invites you into the secrets of Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis.
Starting with the distinction between the three basic types (doshas) of Vata, Pitta and Kapha, a whole universe of diagnostic possibilities gradually opens up to the reader.
In addition to the seven properties of the pulse such as rhythm, volume and temperature, the health status of all organs can be assessed using the seven levels.

This includes conditions such as asthma, stomach ulcers, heart, kidney and liver diseases and even psychoses. An experienced therapist can even determine pregnancy in the first few weeks after conception based on the pulse, determine the gender and make other statements about the expectant child.

Feeling your pulse is an art that requires practice and sensitivity. Once you become a master at this, you have a highly developed diagnostic tool that cannot be replaced by any machine.

Vasant Lad is characterized by impressive humility. His explanations are simple and crystal clear and can also be understood and learned step by step by Western readers. He goes far beyond the known literature and presents studies in detail that cannot be found anywhere else. A gem of Ayurvedic literature.

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