Ayurveda - My handbook for a healthy life

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My handbook for a healthy life

Hans Heinrich Rhyner is considered a very experienced Ayurveda specialist in both India and Europe. In his new book he shares his broad wealth of experience from both worlds. He explains the philosophical and medicinal principles of Ayurveda and their effects on the individual. While the focus is usually on the three well-known physical constitutions, the author also describes typical psychological constitutions and gives tips and advice for a healthy life for each constitution. This includes, for example, nutrition, lifestyle, forms of exercise, living space adaptation as well as appropriate spiritual rituals and meditative practices.
Numerous case studies from his practice show the content of the therapeutic conversation as well as the resulting advice for individual lifestyles. Ayurvedic treatments have particularly good results for chronic illnesses, but also for high blood pressure and many other complaints. The author compares conventional medicine with Ayurvedic medicine and explains the differences. A detailed physiological and an additional psychological type test help you assess your own constitution and make this book understandable even for beginners to the topic.

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